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July 2, 2007

Tool for Backing Up a Blogger Blog

Blogger Backup is a small open-source Windows tool that, well, backups the posts and comments from a Blogger blog. You'll have to enter your Google credentials (and your only protection is that the software is open source and you can check the code), select the blog you want to backup and decide how many posts you want to save.

The format for exporting is Atom, so for each post you'll get two files: one for the actual content of the post and one for the comments. There's also the option to save all the posts in a big Atom file.

Once you have all these files on your computer, you could write a tool that imports them to a database or use Blogger's API to recreate the blog. In fact, this tool also uses Blogger's API to get the feeds.

Another way to backup your blog involves manually downloading a page that contains all your blog posts and using an extension to get the photos from these posts.

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