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June 29, 2012

Uninstall Android Apps Remotely

Now you can uninstall Android apps using an iPhone, an iPad, a Windows Phone phone, a different Android device, a laptop or any other computer. Just open the Google Play site in your favorite browser, click "My Android Apps", select your device and click the trash icon next to the app you want to uninstall.

If you've disabled the option that allows Google Play Store to automatically update your apps or if some of them aren't yet updated, you can also the "My Android Apps" page to update them manually.

What if you've accidentally uninstalled an app and you want to install it again? Check the "My Account" page to find the list of apps you've recently installed. Please note that when you uninstall an app, the settings and the app's data are removed and you can't get them back (easily). Use the "disable" feature from Android 4.0+ to "freeze" an app, while preserving its settings and data.

{ Thanks, Sterling. }

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