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May 12, 2011

Angry Birds as a Web App

Angry Birds, the most popular game for smartphones, has a Web interface. You can install it as a Chrome app or play it from using the latest versions of the most important browsers.

Nelson Minar says that "calling it Chrome Angry Birds is missing the point because what's really interesting is that it's a real-time multimedia cross-platform HTML 5 app" and he's right. Angry Birds works well in Internet Explorer 9 and even in Firefox 3.6, but there are some upcoming features that will only work if you install the Chrome app: for example, in-app payments.

CNet reports that "Rovio has built some special levels available only for the Chrome browser and the game includes some Chrome-specific tidbits like Chrome rocks, flowers, and clouds. Rovio will use the new in-app payments from Google to allow users to get to premium levels." Unfortunately for Rovio, a Web developer found a way to unlock all the levels injecting a very simple JavaScript code.

The game caches most of the resources, so you can play it offline.

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