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October 11, 2011

Google+ Photos Replaces Picasa Web in the Navigation Bar

This is really weird. The "photos" link from Google's navigation bar no longer sends you to Picasa Web Albums if you're logged in. Google decided to send users to the Photos section from Google+ which shows photos from your circles, photos from your Android phone, photos you've been tagged in and your list of Picasa Web albums.

You can still go to Picasa Web Albums, but you have to bookmark the old URL or manually type it in the address bar. Google+ Photos lacks many of the features from Picasa Web Albums: Picnik integration, batch editing, entering an album description, ordering prints, creating album maps, moving photos to a different album and more. The interface is more user friendly, but it's not yet a full-fledged photo sharing app.

{ Thanks, Herin. }

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