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October 13, 2011

More About Google's New Design

Google's lead designer for search, Jon Wiley, explained in an interesting presentation at the UX Week 2011 that the unified interface is the biggest redesign in Google's history. It's interesting to know that the interface has nothing to do with Google+, but it was associated with Google+ because it was the first Google product that used it.

Larry Page decided that Google needs a more beautiful UI on the same day when he became Google's CEO (April 4). Google Creative Labs, who came up with Google's Super Bowl ad and many of the Chrome ads, designed the new interface and Google's designers were really surprised that they're finally allowed to create something bold. Jon Wiley quotes a tweet from a Google user who noticed the new design and concluded that Google must have hired some designers.

While Larry Page was really pleased with the result, many Google employees hated the redesign at first (especially Gmail's new interface), but they started to like it after a few days. It's a pretty big change for Google and it's really surprising to see that it was Larry Page's idea.

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