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December 23, 2006

Google Wishlist for 2007

Google did a lot of great things in 2006. Think about it: in December 2005, we didn't have Google Calendar, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, chat in Gmail, Google Notebook, Google Trends, Google Earth for Mac and Linux, Google Checkout.

What would I like to see from Google in 2007?

- A better Gmail that lets you preview messages, search and manage attachments.

- A real Google Address Book with shared profiles that works in all Google services and it's easier to manage than the current Gmail Contacts.

- A way to search the content created using Google services (Gmail messages, calendars, Blogger posts, comments, Google Notebook, Google Groups).

- A central place for all the files uploaded to Google.

- Video conferences, call to phone numbers, spell-checker, interoperability with Skype, AIM, plugins in Google Talk.

- A more interactive Google News.

- A personalized feed reader that filters the news, finds related perspectives and creates your own news site.

- Bring Google Desktop to the desktop by integrating it into a file manager. You know, like Total Commander.

- Bring time to web search, archive content and let me search the web the way it was on a certain date.

- Google Recommendations: extend this gadget to a new service.

Plus something that's really hard (who wouldn't want that?):

- Bring meaning to search: find structured content, use tagging, annotations, object recognition to improve text search, image search, video search.

What would you like from Google? In case you're wondering, someone from Google will read your wishlists.

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