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October 28, 2007

The Next Version of Gmail Will Be Faster

At the Analyst Day event from October 24, Google didn't announce a lot of things, but it revealed what we can expect from a new version of Gmail that will launch soon:

* prefetching messages. When you load a page that contains a list of messages, Gmail will fetch them in advance so that when you need them, they'll be available instantly. Google said that Gmail will have a completely new JavaScript architecture that will bring a much better performance.

* a new contact manager that will be shared with other Google apps (Google Docs, Google Calendar etc.)

* integrating features from other Google products (an example of an existing feature was the "Open as a Google Document" links placed next to Microsoft Office attachments).

Google didn't mention anything about an interface change, but a recent discovery showed that Gmail also prepares a new UI. Maybe the features I anticipated last month will still make their way in this new version of Gmail.

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Update (a day later): Gmail 2.0 is here.

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