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June 9, 2008

FeedBurner's New Home

FeedBurner announced in April that it will migrate all its users to Google Accounts. But there's an interesting side-effect: Google will no longer use, opting to use some new subdomains on It seems that FeedBurner's new home will be, a site that announces you can use FeedBurner to "analyze, publicize, optimize, and monetize your feeds". For now, you can't log in or create a new account at, but this should change when FeedBurner starts the migration process.

The feeds hosted by FeedBurner will also move from: to, as you can see for this feed. FeedBurner's redirects will start with , another new Google subdomain.

Google didn't change the branding, but it's clear that FeedBurner will be integrated in many Google services and its identity will slowly dilute.

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