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October 29, 2009

Google Sidewiki Bookmarklet

If you don't want to install Google Toolbar to use Sidewiki or if Google Toolbar is not available for your favorite browser (Opera, Safari, Chrome), you can now use a bookmarklet. It doesn't notify you when the current page is annotated and it doesn't open in a persistent sidebar, but it's a decent alternative.

"The bookmarklet is clever, but still I think it's too inconvenient to become very popular," comments Ryan Morehart. The worst thing is that you need to click on the bookmarklet whenever you visit a new page and every time you click on the bookmarklet, it opens a new pop-up window.

Google Sidewiki's team says that it works on a Chrome extension that will add more features and it will be better integrated with the browser.

{ Updated to correct an error. Thanks, Peter. }

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