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February 11, 2010

Google Buzz's Inefficient Photo Uploader

Here's another reason why limiting Picasa Web Albums to only 250 albums for the free version and 1000 albums for paid accounts doesn't make any sense. When you upload photos using Google Buzz, Google creates a new album to store your photos.

That means you can upload photos less than 250 times and Google Buzz albums clutter the interface. Another issue is that storing photos in separate albums is inefficient and you can't delete the albums because your photos will no longer be available in Google Buzz.

Picasa Web Albums limitations:

As you accumulate more pictures in Picasa Web Albums, please keep in mind your account limits. These limits differ depending on the storage plan you're using:

For users with the standard (free) one GB of storage, the following limits apply:

* Maximum number of web albums: 250
* Maximum number of photos per web album: 500

Users with upgraded storage have the following limits:

* Maximum number of web albums: 1000
* Maximum number of photos per web album: 1000

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