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September 8, 2011

Customize Google Docs Interface

If you switched to the new Google Docs interface and wondered why there's so much whitespace, I have a good news for you: Google Docs has two new options for adjusting display density. Click the new settings drop-down and select one of the three options: comfortable (the default option), cozy and compact (similar to the old interface). My favorite option is "cozy", which is both clean and compact.

Another change is that the details pane is no longer a sidebar. If you want to find more information about a document, select it and click "Details". Google Docs will display an overlay that includes a large thumbnail, sharing information, the list of collections where you placed the document and some other information.

There's also a button for sharing the selected documents and some new icons for documents, spreadsheets, drawings, presentation and other files.

{ Thanks, Tom. }

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