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December 10, 2015

Save Google's Image Search Results

If you find beautiful images using Google Image Search's mobile site, you can save them and organize them using a new Google service. Just tap the star icon next to a search result and the image is saved to your account. Go to to see all the images and add tags or notes (the link only works from mobile Chrome and Safari).

"When using your phone or tablet's web browser, you can easily save images you find in Google search results as links. You can see your saved images, which are similar to bookmarks, when you're signed in to your Google Account. You can return to your saved images at any time and add tags to organize them," informs Google.


  1. Replies
    1. To save, the star is available only on the domain using Safari or Chrome: if you are not in the US, click on bottom of your page on "Use" and retry locate an image. To see the saved photos on you need to access it thought a mobile phone or try it on a desktop using Chrome DevTools toggle using Cmd+Shift+M (on Mac).

  2. My question is Why...?

    I get downloading the images, but it seems like they want to bring this to a pinterest level.

    I think they were going the right direction with fusion tables and whatnot and if they found a better way to market that and expand upon it, they wouldn't need to create this.

  3. What happened to "save image" on the Google iOS app? It's compelled gone..

  4. I seem to only be able to do this on my phone. It doesn't seem to work on iPad.

  5. I'm trying to be positive I don't I don't want to start just saying to myself like oh god Vita Luminance he's gone his dad like his mommy that's what happens to her like I said that in my am morning routine video during the summer and that's what happened to live in a she just disappeared one day and never came .

  6. I can't access mine. How can I find them?

  7. I can't access mine. How can I find them?


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