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January 17, 2016

New File Picker in Google Inbox

Google Inbox has a new attachment picker. When you compose a new message and click the paperclip icon, Google now shows a list of recently received attachments, a list of recently sent attachments and the latest photos uploaded to Google Photos. Click "show more" to see the rest of the attachments and photos. You can also select files from your computer. Unfortunately, there's no Google Drive integration yet.

"Inbox by Gmail on the web now makes it easier to share memories with instant access to recent photos and attachments," informs Google.

{ Thanks, Jonah Langlieb. }


  1. T tried it this morning but am surprised it only lets you choose from about 50 online photos from your profile.If I want to send a different one than from the ones presented you can only choose one from your computer. You should be able to pick any online photo you have....

  2. Neat, but how do I either disable this, or clear the recently received yet, or selectively remove items (images) from the options presented?

  3. This account will act as the collector and you will be ale to read and respond from whichever account you desire. Most importantly, work with a company that will help prevent spam and other security issues.


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