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October 27, 2006

Bad Week for Blogger

Blogger had a bad week with many planned and unplanned outages. Let's see:

October 18 - Apologies to everyone affected by tonight's Blogger slowness.

October 20 - We've been having a bit of slowness this morning.

October 21 - Blogger was down for a little over three hours this evening, due to the near-simultaneous failure of a critical component and its backup.

October 25 - We experienced an outage this evening due to a problem in our networking hardware.

October 26 - Sincere apologies for the short notice but we will take down both and at 2 PM PST today to replace the piece of network equipment that was causing the outages in the past couple of weeks. The outage will last 60-90 minutes, we will try to get done as fast as we can.

After so many problems in a short time, Blogger decided to apologize in a big way.

"We really regret these outages, which were a nuisance (or worse) to you. The past week’s performance was not representative of the kind of service we want to provide for you. (...) It's been a bad week for Blogger, and, as I hope you can tell, we’re not denying it. Instead, we have taken and will continue to take specific steps that make Blogger a more reliable, overall better service for you to use."

The good news is that the new Blogger, still in beta, was built on a more reliable platform to prevent this issues. There's also a statement that shows Google has neglected Blogger: "The current Blogger infrastructure is — albeit in a very Lincoln's axe way — the same that Google acquired four years ago."

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