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October 21, 2006

The Terror Storm of Spam Comments

Here are the comments for "Funny Commercial of a girl taking a guys shorts", a video proudly presented by Google Video:

1. Great video, but Terror Storm is a better video. You must open your eyes and see the truth.

2. Bush is responsible for 9/11, and you watch funny videos instead of doing something about it.

3. Your govt. wants to occupy you with stupidity like this.

4. Terror Storm is a lie.

5. OMG LOL!!!

6. Hey, check my site for more great videos like this.

7. Don't watch terror storm. It's nothing but a crock of lies... no intelligent person would waste any time listening to that conspiracy theory bulls**t.

8. OPPOSE GOOGLE CENSORSHIP! Watch the most popular video: Terror Storm.


10. Put on some clothes, please!

If you hate spam comments like most of these, use the new feature from Google Video: "Mark as spam". The immediate effect is that the comment will disappear for you. If more people mark a comment as spam, the comment will be removed.

Google's idea is great (and continues the label cleanup), but I would have added a link that says "Mark as not spam", as most comments are off-topic and spammy.

{ Thanks, Kent Dodds. The comments are slightly modified. }

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