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December 30, 2006

2006 Metrics

In case anyone is interested, here are some stats from Google Analytics for this blog:

Unique visitors: 1,345,000
Pageviews: 3,400,000

Top referrals:
google [search results]: 27.31% 16.17%
google [referral]: 14.62%
direct: 12.49% 2.14%

Top countries:
US: 46.62%
UK: 7.27%
Canada: 5.90%
India: 3.13%
Australia: 2.57%

Top browsers:
Firefox: 57.89%
IE: 32.67%
Opera: 4.01%
Safari: 3.29%
Mozilla: 1.09%

Top platforms:
Windows: 87.21%
Mac: 7.36%
Linux: 5.08%

Regarding the feed, here's a chart that shows the number of subscribers, courtesy of Feedburner:

Top feed readers*:
Firefox Live Bookmarks
NewsGator Online
Google Desktop

*The list doesn't include Google IG/Reader, My Yahoo, Windows Live.

Most of these numbers are meaningless, but they may show you some behind-the-scene details. Thank you for a great year.

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