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October 3, 2007

Business Google Apps Adds Postini and 25 GB Gmail

The Register reports that Google integrated Postini, acquired in July, into the business edition of Google Apps. "We're pleased to announce that policy management and message recovery by Postini are now available at no additional charge within Premier Edition," says Google.
Policy management lets administrators implement rules for how messages are handled based on the sender, recipient, attachments or content of the message:

* Messages can be selectively tracked, routed for review or blocked according to company or regulatory compliance guidelines. For example, emails with specific keywords can be prevented from being sent to external recipients, or groups of users can be entirely prevented from sending external email.
* Configurable spam and virus filtering lets organizations add custom filtering rules, complementing the spam and virus protection already included in Gmail.

Message recovery allows you to search for mail across your whole domain and recover deleted emails on a 90-day rolling basis, adding peace of mind that important information is safe with Google Apps, even in the case of accidental deletion by your users.

Another good news for Google Apps Premier Edition's users is that the email storage was increased from 10 GB to 25 GB. While the size doesn't impress too many people anymore, it's interesting to see Google offering more for the same price.

Gmail remains the principal attraction of Google Apps, but the addition of other services like wikis (JotSpot) and online storage (GDrive) could counterbalance its importance. Meanwhile, Zoho tests a business edition for its online office suite and Microsoft tries to extend Office's dominance online.

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