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October 2, 2007

Comparing the Top Three Search Engines

With the latest updates from Yahoo and Windows Live, Google's competition is getting better. Instead of asking you which one is the best, I wrote a small script that displays the top results from the most popular three search engines for a query. You should only say which result is more relevant.

Think of a complicated query from a domain you're familiar with, because you can only vote once. Select more than one option if the best result is displayed more than once. Search results will open in a new tab or in a new window. If you read this in a feed reader, go to the original page to see the poll.

Note: the order of the search engines is fixed, so the third result always comes from the same search engine. Even if the order can be easily guessed by doing some searches or looking at the code, please don't post it in the comments.

Update: The poll is now closed. Check the results.

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