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October 8, 2007

Search Engine Comparison Poll: The Results

Six days ago, I posted a poll that asked you to evaluate the quality of the first results from Google, Yahoo, Windows Live. You had to enter a query you were particularly interested in and decide which result is the best. If you found two or three equally good results, you were allowed to select all of them.

Obviously, the poll doesn't have any scientific value, but it's still interesting to see that Google doesn't have an impressive score (in only 51% of the cases, Google delivered the best result), while Windows Live and Yahoo have similar scores: 35% for Windows Live and 30% for Yahoo. It's also interesting to see that these results were almost constant every day of the experiment, so there might be some truth there.

While I didn't monitor the correlation between queries and votes, here's a list of some of the most frequent queries: Google, test, directoryEntry, Linux, Microsoft, Radiohead, cow, Gmail, Java, search, sex, "Magnus Franklin", The Torah and the West Bank, art Liverpool, sweet krissy, quchen, server based solutions, ruby, sweet krissy.

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