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March 29, 2008

MapJack, a Better Google Street View

MapJack is an effort similar to Google's Street View to capture street-level imagery. The site only has imagery from San Francisco, Sausalito (US) and Chiang Mai (Thailand), but San Francisco's images are the most impressive. They look so good that you almost think you're there.

MapJack lets you fine tune the images by adjusting their brightness, sharpness and quality. For example, to make the picture clearer, increase the sharpness. The options are available by clicking on the blue star button.

The company has developed its own technology to gather imagery which also works in walking areas, not just on the streets. "We developed an array of proprietary electronics, hardware and software tools that enable us to capture an entire city's streets with relative ease and excellent image quality. We have a complete low-cost scalable system encompassing the entire work-flow process needed for Immersive Street-Side Imagery, from picture gathering to post-processing to assembling on a Website."

The words "low-cost" and "scalable" should sound familiar to Google, so MapJack seems like a good fit for an acquisition.

{ Thank you, Russell. }

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