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September 11, 2009

Jump to the Relevant Section of a Google Search Result

What happens if you want to link to a paragraph from a web page or to a comment from a blog post? Some sites use fragments to link to certain sections from web pages. For example, each Wikipedia article includes a table of contents that links to all the sections of the article. sends you directly to the section about processing fragments. If you search for [processing fragment identifiers] using Google, the top result includes an interesting option that lets you jump to the relevant section of the article. This is especially useful for long articles that include a lot of information.

The "jump to" feature is not limited to Wikipedia articles, so you may find other search results that have special snippets.

Last month, Google added sitelinks for internal navigation to help you find popular sections from a web page directly from the search results page. Google's goal is to send you directly to the right answer for your question, even if that means bypassing the homepage of a site, ignoring Flash intros or finding information from the snippets.

{ via Search Engine Roundtable }

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