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December 5, 2009

When Google Is Slow...

Google usually displays the search results in less than a second. so you rarely have to wait to see the results. Translated search, the most recent feature added to the search options sidebar, is a rare example of slow Google feature. It's also one of the most powerful features ever released by Google because it transforms Google into a multilingual search engine.

Unfortunately, the results for Google Translated Search are generated in more than a second and sometimes you have to wait 5 seconds to get the results.

It's strange to see Google releasing a slow feature on the main site. O'Reilly Radar shared some interesting results from Google's experiments:

"One experiment increased the number of search results per page from 10 to 30, with a corresponding increase in page load times from 400 milliseconds to 900 milliseconds. This resulted in a 25% drop-off in first result page searches. Adding the checkout icon (a shopping cart) to search results made the page 2% slower with a corresponding 2% drop in searches/user."

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