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March 12, 2010

Google's Command for Posting Buzz Messages

Google Mobile Blog has a cool tip for those who post Google Buzz messages from an iPhone or an Android phone:

"You can post your public buzz simply by speaking it. From the Google Mobile App for iPhone or Quick Search Box on Android, select the voice search icon, say "post buzz" followed by the text you'd like to post, and watch your words appear. Before your post is sent, you'll be able to edit it or change its tagged location."

It's probably the first time when Google's voice search feature can be used for other things than searching. In fact, you don't even have to use the voice search feature: go to on your mobile phone's browser, type post buzz, followed by your message and Google Buzz will open.

Maybe Google will add similar shortcuts for creating Google Calendar events, composing Gmail messages or finding Google Docs files. Yahoo's open shortcuts are an interesting approach to adding command-line features to the search box, but they're less powerful than YubNub's commands.

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