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June 15, 2011

My Maps Becomes My Places

Google Maps updated the "My Maps" section, which now includes the places you've starred and rated. Mapplets are no longer available and custom maps aren't popular enough to have their own section, so "My Maps" became "My Places", a list of locations you've visited, bookmarked, rated or saved to a custom map.

"Items are organized by date with your most recent activity at the top, and filters make it easy to sort and view only your maps, starred locations or rated places. My Places also simplifies your ability to manage the locations that make up your personalized maps experience. Using the drop-down arrow next to each location in your list, you can easily delete any of your saved maps, stars or Google Places ratings. These personalization changes will automatically be synchronized across all other Google properties including Google Places, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile," informs Google.

I wouldn't be surprised to see that the list of Google Latitude check-ins is added to My Places and that the combined list becomes an optional tab on your Google Profile.

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