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August 6, 2012

Custom Colors in Google Calendar

Last year Google added a new color palette for Google Calendar and many users complained. Some of them thought that the new calendar colors make it difficult to tell events apart, while other people wrote that they're too muted.

Now you can customize calendar colors. Just click the arrow icon next to a calendar in the left sidebar, click "choose custom color" and pick your favorite background color. Select "light text" if the text is hard to read.

"Google Calendar users have had the ability to change the colors of specific events or calendars from a default color palette. Users can now choose a custom color if the default palette does not meet their needs," informs Google. This feature is also available for Google Apps.


  1. Nice. Gmail has already had a decent color palette for a while, but I think this one for Calendar is better. I'd like to see this Calendar version used uniformly across all Google products... included Circle labels in both Gmail and G+.

  2. Finally! As someone with a lot of calendars and who is colorblind, this is a great help.

  3. Colors has its own beauty. Great that google calender has now introduced color palette.

  4. And how long before Google discontinues this?

  5. Finally! As someone with a lot of calendars and who is colorblind, this is a great help.

  6. It's a small update and an obvious one. It's surprising that it took this long for Google to implement it. In fact, it's been one of the most requested features for Calendar, Google said."If your calendar ends up full of many different types of events (film nights, lunch dates, and doctor appointments, for example), there’s now an easy way to categorize them using colors," Michelle Chen, Software Engineer at Google, wrote.

  7. Such a simple change to keep a lot of people happy!!

  8. So close! Just need to be able to set the text color as well. Light and Dark just doesn't meet my particular needs.

  9. looks great and seems to be very practical. but why does a coloured background disappear when you add time to the event? instead only coloured text on a white background..

    1. Same here. I am unable to have anything but a white background