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July 10, 2014

Distance Measurement in the New Google Maps

You can now measure distances in the new desktop interface for Google Maps, just like in the Labs feature from the classic Google Maps. "You can measure the distance between two or more points on the map using Google Maps. For example, measure the distance between two cities," explains Google.

Right-click the map where you want to start measuring, select "Measure distance" and click the map to add new places to your path.

Google Maps shows distances on the map in kilometres or miles, but you can't switch between metric and imperial units.

You can adjust the path using drag and drop: drag a point to move it, click a point to remove it.

There's a "measure distance" card that shows the exact distance. Right-click the map and select "clear measurement" to remove your path or click "x" in the sidebar card.

The new distance measurement tool is better than the old feature:

* it's a standard feature, it's not hidden in Google Maps Labs
* it's easier to find: use the contextual menu instead of clicking the small ruler icon
* it's more flexible: you can drag any point to move it, click it to remove it
* it shows more information on the map

{ via +Google Maps }

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