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August 27, 2009

Google Health OneBox

Search Engine Land reports that Google added an OneBox for health-related information that's only displayed in the US. If you search for [flu], [ADHD], [autism] and other medical conditions, you'll see an excerpt from a Google Health article and links to other services: Mayo Clinic, Medline Plus, WebMD.

Most likely, some of the keywords that trigger the OneBox are displayed on this page. Google Health's articles combined information licensed from reputable sources with information from scholar papers, news articles and other web pages.

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  1. This is a good idea as a whole but we must not ignore the doctor and having worked in healthcare, it is very difficult to get elderly people to visit the doctor. This also leads them into a situation that when he visits they ignore his advice and do not take the tablets he prescribes.

    So it should only be used as a guide a bit like books sold to people that tell them what is wrong by explaining about certain symptoms, but these may relate to many other problems.

    So please be careful in using the health-one-box and keep well. G


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