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August 24, 2009

Clicking on a YouTube Video

What happens when you click on a YouTube video? Well, it depends. If the video is embedded in a web page and it's already playing, a click on the video will open a new tab and send you to YouTube's page. Until now, this behavior was annoying because the video started to play from the beginning and you had to pause it or pick up from where you left off. Now YouTube's player is smarter: it pauses the video and opens a YouTube page that continues to play the video seamlessly.

You can try the new feature using the video embedded below. You'll notice that YouTube uses a URL format that lets you link to certain sequence from a video:

(where 1m15s is the start time)

Another change is that YouTube's watch page lets you pause videos by just clicking on the player.


  1. Great!

    What's even better: the video stops playing on the first page it was embedded on.

    Better still: I continued watching above video a bit on Youtube, went back to Reader and then opened the original post and now the video is paused at the spot I stopped it on the Youtube page.


  2. es lamentable que el resto del mundo pensara que el gobierno venezolano cerrara un medio de comunicacion porque les adverso, cuando en verdad, el cierre nunca se dio y la seƱal fue bloqueada en la vision publica porque el canal no habia reunido los requisitos necesarios para la revalidacion de la concesion.

    Tal vez youtube no tubo esa otra optica de la noticia... tal vez los contenidos informativos por internet deberian ser arbitrados

  3. Double-clicking opens the video in full screen.

  4. Via:

  5. I noticed this feature a month back but was not consistent, now it looks very smooth. That should be the way. We see videos in Google reader but would rather see it in YouTube site for HD Videos. This feature helps.

  6. Also when you right click an embedded video you can select to "Watch on YouTube" which will open a new tab where the video will start from the beginning

  7. AND... they've _Finally_ fixed the scroll wheel behavior.
    :-) :-)
    I use the scroll wheel constantly, and it used to get stuck on every YouTube. yay

  8. YouTube sets the standard for interface (it should have top quality tech, given its leading content position.) I'm very grateful they're committed to top-quality interface.

    Aren't you sick of sites (even expensive corporate ones like Comedy Central) that don't even have the first clue? (you keep buffering when paused, idiots... duh...)

  9. Is there a option to add end time also ?

    Sometimes I let the youtube player to download video for me to watch later as I do not have a very good connection.

    What happens is that it downloads the whole of the video, which sometimes I do not want,

  10. nifty ... i always thought would be a good idea for youtube to generate a code for where you are in that moment with the video and the other person to continue it from that exact moment.

  11. I wonder if all these new "features" YouTube is adding it causing all the problems being posted on the help forum.

  12. a nice improvement indeed, works nicely from facebook

  13. Good stuff guys! I'm enjoying now to watch video from the same moment I left it before! It is really great improvement!

  14. Just love everything that google does, if I ever get a 1% chance to get into google I would put me 200% to grab it!

  15. Taken from Above..

    Now YouTube's player is smarter: it pauses the video and opens a YouTube page that continues to play the video seamlessly.

    Sadly on the Ipad, when you click the video, or rotate the ipad it has a tendency to stop the video and reload it from the beginning.

    The best feature i like is you can post the time in comments, and when you click on that time, it jumps to it on the video, saving my time.

  16. Yea, that is pretty cool option to be honest.
    I do not use it so often, but sometimes when I have to link certain second of video to someone - it works perfectly.

  17. I've encounter this kinds of video in facebook, blogspots and wordpress which stops when clicked and then redirect you to youtube for the next play. I did annoys me somewhat specially when I click on the video itself rather than the play option. :)

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