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January 10, 2012

Google Body Browser Is Now Zygote Body

Body Browser is one of the many products that was discontinued when Google closed Google Labs. The good news is that the service is now back online and it's hosted by Zygote, the company that provided the imagery for Google Body Browser. Zygote Body looks almost the same, still requires a browser that supports WebGL (Chrome or Firefox), but the site is very slow.

Body Browser started as a project built by Google engineers in their "20 percent time" and it was a great way to promote Chrome's support for WebGL, an API that allows Web apps to generate interactive 3D graphics without using additional plugins. The app also worked in Firefox and it was ported to Android Honeycomb. There's no Android app for Zygote Body right now, but the company promises to release one in the future.

Zygote Body uses an open source 3D viewer developed by Google. "This viewer provides a standard way to create and view 3D models in a Web browser, with multiple layers and instant search," explains Google.


  1. Why the 3d models are clothed :D? It's hilarious.

  2. Because naked bodies are completely unnatural, of course. ^_^

    1. ...Um.... Babies.... Birthday suit. Are you born with clothes on? XD

  3. I was teaching with google body. Now I have problems because it's too slow....

  4. They should have an option to remove the clothing all in all an ok app needs work!

  5. create a bookmake with this a the url. then click on it after the 3dmodel is loaded it will remove the clothing


  6. I'm using Anatronica. I was hoping that Google body was better but thanks for all of the remarks. I can't download it on my tablet.
    Can someone give me some helpful clues on how to use a first year student in an with is app. I would like to see every little thing I can like where the spinal cord starts in the brain and the pieces in the ear.I'm wanting to get a jump on my next semester class.


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