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September 29, 2012

The New Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the small services that haven't been discontinued by Google. It uses data from Google search to show information about the popularity a query. A few years ago, Google also launched a more advanced version of Google Trends called Insights for Search and now the two services have been merged.

"We've updated the line chart and map using HTML5 based Google Chart Tools so you can now load the page on your mobile devices, visualize the results without scrolling, and get Hot Searches not just for the U.S., but also India, Japan, and Singapore," informs Google.

There are some casualties: Google Trends for Websites is no longer available, headlines are no longer displayed next to the chart (you can still find them when you mouse over the chart). Basically, the new Google Trends is a simplified version of Insights for Search, so you'll see many cool features like predictions, comparing locations and time ranges, finding the most popular queries from a region, restricting results to a category or a date range, checking results from specialized search engines like Image Search, Google News or Google Shopping.


  1. How do you mouse over on mobile of the headlines are gone?

  2. I love GOOGLE forever,from INDONESIA with love.

  3. #FAIL. You guys suck for removing trends for websites. It was a invaluable beyond prettifying the interface.

    1. I agree Google Trends for Websites was AWESOME. Why would you exclude that?

  4. Google Trends for websites is gonna be missed dearly. Not nice!

  5. can anyone tell me how to get the data in json format for a specific term, as i tried the embed element, it works till its in the browser, if i try to get it via file_get_contents() in php or curl then it throws error.

  6. I am unable to see google trends in my browser, Is there any problems?

  7. I like to see how the company 'Prezi' is trending world-wide. Unfortunately a search on Google Trends lists Colombia as the top country to use to word. I suspect that that is because it must be a popular product there or perhaps 'prezi' is Spanish for…?
    Is there a way to filter these results out? To exclude South America from my Google Trends search?


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