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March 3, 2007

Google Bookmarks FAQ

A small guide for people that continue to ask how to use Google's low-profile bookmarking service.

What is Google Bookmarks?
Google Bookmarks is an online service that lets you save your favorite sites and attach labels and annotations. Unlike the bookmark feature from your browser, bookmarks are stored securely online, so they are accessible even if you're using other computers.

There are many sites that do that. What's so different about it?
The most important features that set Google Bookmark apart from other services is that all your bookmarks are private (nobody else can see them) and fully searchable. You are no longer restricted to the title of the page, the description and the URL - you can search the entire page. A similar service is the new version of Yahoo Bookmarks, currently in beta.

Can I import my bookmarks?
For Firefox and Internet Explorer, you can download Google Toolbar, and use the "Import bookmarks" option that appears on the drop-down menu next to the Bookmarks icon. For other browsers, you should import your bookmarks to Firefox and use Google Toolbar as explained before.

If you use other online bookmarking tools, you should find an option to export your bookmarks in their support center. For example, in go to Settings and select Export/backup to save your bookmarks in a HTML file that can be imported into your browser.

How can I export my bookmarks from Google?
Easy, just go to this page and you'll download a file called bookmarks.html, that can be imported in your browser. You can also export the bookmarks as a feed, but it won't be very useful unless you're a developer.

How can I add bookmarks?
If you've already installed Google Toolbar, you can use it to add or remove bookmarks. Just click on the blue star to add the current site as a bookmark. Click again on the star to choose one or more labels.

For Firefox, there is a very good extension called GMark that shows your bookmarks in the sidebar and another extension that mimics Google Toolbar and adds drag-and-drop.

But to add bookmarks there's a very simple bookmarklet that should work on almost any browser. Just drag this to the links toolbar: Google Bookmark. You'll also find it at the bottom of the Google Bookmarks homepage.

How can I search my bookmarks?
Googe Toolbar adds a new option for bookmarks in the list of search engines. If you type the first letters from the title of a bookmark, Google Toolbar gives you the option to load that site.

You can also use Gmarks that searches as you type or you can just go to the web interface at Search the same as you'd do at To restrict your search to a label, add label:name to your query (note that labels are case sensitive).

Is there an option to see my bookmarks in iGoogle?
There's a gadget that lists all your bookmarks by label and lets you edit them. You can add it multiple times to see bookmarks from different categories.

Will these bookmarks affect Google's search results?
You'll see the labels selected for a bookmark next to its corresponding snippet in the search results. Bookmarks affect Google's search results only for you. Google improves the relevancy of the search results by tailoring to your interests, so the order of the search results could change in some cases. A bookmark in the search results:

Will I be able to access my bookmarks from any computer?
The bookmarks are stored on Google's servers, so you can just log in and have instant access to your bookmarks from your personalized homepage (if you added the gadget I mentioned before) or at

Is there a way to store the full content of my bookmarks on Google's servers?
No, but you can try Google Notebook, that lets you select the content of a page and save it as a note.

How can I bookmark my favorite posts from Google Reader?
Install Greasemonkey in Firefox, restart the browser and add this script. You'll see a new "Add bookmark" option below each post.

I want to delete all my bookmarks and start from the scratch.
There's an option to delete all the bookmarks in this page's left sidebar (search for "delete all"). To delete only the bookmarks that have a certain label, use Google Toolbar.


  1. What if Google's servers are down? Is there a cached version of the bookmark database on my computer?

  2. Google Bookmarks was always such a letdown for me. The bookmarking process is difficult, the interface is clumsy, there's no sharing or browser interaction... who would use Google Bookmarks when there's ?

    I'd love to see them start it over from scratch, giving users everything they can already get from and more, like page caching, and recommendations based on what you've bookmarked.

    It's definitely one of those services that could have been so much more.

  3. has a very bad interface and a different purpose than Google Bookmarks (or Yahoo Bookmarks). =
    * by default public bookmarks
    * private bookmarks if you enable an option and click on a checkbox every time

    Google Bookmarks =
    * private bookmarks
    * integration with search history, web search

    It's easy to bookmark stuff using either Google Toolbar, Gmarks or the bookmarklet. It's not that easy to manage the bookmarks and search is not always the best idea (although it helps a lot).

  4. all i need right here.

  5. I've been using Google bookmarks for awhile now and love the fact that I can access my bookmarks from any computer. Just clicking on the star while browsing adds the page to my list. Editing the list is easy by using the 'managing bookmarks' selection which turns all of my bookmarks into a web page that allows me to edit each one.

    I can't imagine what more they could do, but I'm also anxious to find out.

  6. You're right about their purposes being different, but with it's at least possible to do both.

    They could have a "share" option next to bookmarks like they have with RSS items in Google Reader, or have a setting to automatically share bookmarks.

    And you're right about' interface being clumsy too, but it's at least better than Google's (tag clouds, for example)

    I guess the thing that bothers me most about Google Bookmarks is that there doesn't seem to be any development on it, especially since there's so much that could be done.

  7. Both google's bookmarks and google's personal homepage are "primitive" looking services that lag far behind the competition.

    Netvouz, for example, allows for private bookmarks and has a beautiful, speedy and tractable interface. It far surpasses (which I used to use). Try rearranging a boatload of bookmarks among various "groups" in and you'll want to scream from the slowness of the interface.

    Similarly, Netvibes and Pageflakes, make google's personal homepage look like yesterday's stale donut. Microsoft's personal homepage doesn't look bad, but its nag screens are infuriating and make it unusable IMHO.

    Google has some nice products, but sadly its bookmarking and personal homepage services are outdated and outclassed by the competition. There's really no point in talking up this crap just because google owns it.

  8. I prefer to use GBookmarks in place of GMarks in FireFox. At just 20kb, this extension is lightweight and works well for those of us who don't want the Google Toolbar in FireFox.

  9. I can't imagine what more they could do, but I'm also anxious to find out.

    I've heard they'll integrate Bookmarks with Google Notebook.

  10. If you want firefox addons in the Bookmarks Google go to the site:

  11. I think bookmarks are very helpful especially for those of us who use the internet frequently. These tips help to understand the google bookmark feature better.

  12. don't use Netvouz:

    I love Google bookmarks!
    The fact that by having a Gmail account you can have acces to all the following services bu just loging in ONE time is amazing:
    Gmail,Google bookmarks,Notebook,reader...and you can have all these on the perfectly simple personalized homepage?They just work perfectly with one another.Amazing!
    And whoever called google services "primitive",must be a bit mad.

  13. The only thing I miss in Google Bookmarks is the possibility to add last added bookmarks on their homepage.

    The existing gadgets just allow switch between your labels but none of them allows you to see last bookmarks you added regardless of their label :-/

    Some kind of sharing could be nice, but I can live without that.

  14. I have a lot of bookmarks in, maybe a few hundred, and have tried many other on-line products including delicious, but have found them all lacking. One think I have noticed is, that although I would like to keep my bookmarks all nice and orderly and useful, it's much easier just to google search what I want. Most of my bookmarks only stay relevant for a few days to a few months so would like a purge option on bookmarks, like auto delete if I haven't used it for 6 months or 1 year or something like that. I think Google do most thing right. They create something to do a specific task that intergrates well with other products, so they are usualy quick and simple (intuitive to me) to use. Bookmarking systems that share like delicious just sound like people that want to say Hey Look at Me! and look at My Bookmarks! .... and look at Me again! I have other sites where I can be social, I just need bookmarks to be productive, thanks Google.

  15. GMarks is great, it's original and convenient, and it doesn't bring burdensome toolbars. I don't know Anuj is talking about.

    And the only thing I miss now in Google Bookmarks is the ability to share. If it can offer personal pages to list the bookmarks (including the ability to keep some of them private), then I will cease to use completely.

  16. Please, Google, can you buy the "" and give it for free? :))

  17. How can I share my google bookmark with friends?

  18. Google bookmarks desperatetly needs a way to share or better yet, "collaborate" much like google notebooks does...
    The browser toolbar needs to meet or surpass the viewing options that offers such as tag view etc.

  19. What I'd like to see in Google Bookmarks, and any Google product that uses tag/labels, are:

    1) the ability to search for NOT tag/label. ie. label:Computing AND NOT label:Work - for a list of non-work related computing links. I'd like this to be in Bookmarks, Notes, Docs... everywhere. Tags/labels are a great way to find things - but NOT would really help narrow down the list.

    2) Some consistency would be nice. I'm too old to remember that it's 'label' here and 'tag' there. Why not just have them used interchangeably? Everywhere?

    Other than that, between Bookmarks, Docs, and Notes, I've pretty well moved entirely online. Thank you! I'm not complaining here, just offering some suggestions for improvement.

  20. Google bookmarks are great, but sometimes I would like to be able to sort my bookmarks in a little more finer detail for instance in my 'linux' folder I have additional folders for each flavor. Is there anyway you can add the ability to put folders inside of folders?

  21. I've written a script which move the bookmarks from Google to

    It's a command-line Python program which can be run from your desktop. You can grab it here -

  22. But how can i import google bookmark in google reader? when i try it i see nothing...

  23. It would be awesome if they allowed you the "option" to share selected bookmarks via a web page or feed, i.e Google Reader.

  24. Google Bookmarks is very easy to use and it is useful for those using multiple computers. However,when the bookmark list keep expanding, it is sometimes not convinient to look for what you want, esp. for the bookmarks at the bottom of the list. Is there any way to make 'folders' for the bookmarks like those we use in Favorites in Internet Explorer, so the list seems shorter and easier to find what you want?

  25. Labels are a replacement for folders. Use the search box to find a bookmark: it's easier than browsing a long list of links.

    You can also restrict a query to a label:

    label:blogs google

    and even search for pages that have more than one label:

    label:blogs label:tech google

    I agree that Google should improve the way they display bookmarks and make them shareable at least with your contacts.

  26. I really feel that labels are inferior to folders for bookmarks. Labels cannot contain the granularity that folders do.

    For example. I have a folder Interests->Food/Drink->Liquor->Bartending where I hold bartending/drink recipe pages. I don't want a top level label for "bartending" nor do I want all food/drink pages in one list.

    Searching is useful to find a specific page, but often I like to browse my bookmarks and the hierarchy of folders is very nice for that.

  27. Like the last person my problem with Google toolbar is not having the capability to have folder structure. I noticed it allows you to choose multiple labels, but it does not allow you to have sub labels like a folder structure. That is the only reason I end up using Yahoo tool bar's bookmark which still allows folder structure that we all are so used to.

  28. I need features to be able share my bookmarks, and I would like to put them in folders!!!!!!!!

  29. The problem with searching for bookmarks instead of being able to have a heirarchy of folders is that you may not know exactly what you are searching for. If you have a large collection of bookmarks those that you have not used for a while and have been forgotten may miss your search criteria.

  30. Why can't there be both folders and tags. Allow the user to organize a hierarchy *and* tag the bookmarks!!! Isn't that simple? Why is nobody doing this? Plus then when the bookmarks are exported they are categorized properly for loading into browsers.

  31. Yahoo bookmarks uses folders and tags. For this reason I think I will use that, even though I find the interface a little ponderous.

  32. does it handle firefox live bookmark.? or RSS feed.?

  33. I didnt found the API for Bookmarks. Who knows that?

  34. How to clear up my Google Bookmarks?

    I want to re-organize items of my Google Bookmarks. So I need to empty my Google Bookmarks. After re-organizing my bookmarks (exported from Google Bookmarks)locally, I will re-import them into Google Bookmarks.

  35. Install Google Toolbar and find the bookmark button.

    For each label do:
    * right-click on the label
    * click on "Delete all bookmarks with this label"

    For each unlabeled bookmark do:
    * right-click on the bookmark
    * click on "Remove bookmark"

  36. Facility to organize the bookmarks in the heirarchy of folders should be available as almost all the browsers use this approach and majority of the people are used to this approach.

  37. Google should do something early to share the bookmarks. It is a vey huge drawback.

  38. definitely support folders. simply for the reason of browsing your bookmarks. quite often you don't know what you are searching for or why you organized something the way you did when you first included the link.

  39. Second that (fifth that?) request for sharing - I just assumed you'd be able to.

  40. Enough! Add folders already!

  41. I wouldn't push for folders as much as I would ask for nested and/or sub labels

  42. Hi, How do I create Label in Google Bookmarks?

  43. It doesn't make any sense to create a label. When you add a bookmark (from the site, the toolbar or the bookmarklet), you'll have the option to add labels. Google auto-completes the label names, but you can add other labels.

  44. When I first created my google bookmarks, there was a method whereby the labels were nested. I loved it. Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared.

    I don't care if you call it nested labels or folders; however, as an organizational tool, it is sorely needed. I have over 2000 bookmarks, all neatly organized in Firefox. Using them without either folders or nested labels with Google is a disaster.

  45. I'm just been trying to figure out how to create nested folders to organise my google bookmarks, but it would seems that's not possible?

    I would agree this is a basics requirement.

  46. Google must allow users to share the bookmarks!!

  47. We're seriously debating this? Come on Google for Pete's sake! You can't put someone on an extensive bookmarking system like Delicious? I use Google as my "Web OS", don't make me look elsewhere. :)

  48. Just imported all my bookmarks and end up with this:sort:of:rubbish:!
    So can anyone create an extension which takes this:sort:of:thing, chops it up at the : and then makes nice little folders? then you'd have the best of both worlds. Then they could also let you then visualy browse for an appropriate already existing super:meta:tag when you create a new bookmark....

  49. I agree that the ABSENCE OF FOLDERS *OR* NESTED TAGS/LABELS IS A HUGE DISADVANTAGE of using Google Bookmarks.

    While I *love* the tags/labels idea, it is utterly pointless if you CANNOT organize favorites into any type of STRUCTURAL HIERARCHY!! There are MANY times when people want to just BROWSE their bookmarks rather than search. Although browsing is possible with Google bookmarks, it is VERY ANNOYING because SUB-CATEGORIES (VIA FOLDERS *OR* NESTED TAGS/LABELS) ARE NOT AN OPTION IN GOOGLE BOOKMARKS.

    The only way to create a hierarchy with Google Bookmarks is to manually create individual labels with names such as this:

    * Tag1 - SubTag1 - SubSubTag1
    * Tag1 - SubTag1 - SubSubTag2
    * Tag1 - SubTag2
    * Tag1 - SubTag3 - SubSubTag1
    * Tag1 - SubTag3 - SubSubTag2
    * Tag2 - SubTag1 - SubSubTag1
    * Tag2 - SubTag1 - SubSubTag2
    * Tag2 - SubTag2
    And so on...

    As you can see, this DOES allow for sorting bookmarks in a nested hierarchy, but when you have many categories and subcategories (and even subcategories to the subcategories!), you end up with a VERY LONG LIST, which still makes browsing unpleasant (to say the least!)

    I use GMail and iGoogle (both are great!), so it would be nice to use Google Bookmarks as well, since they are so integrated. However, until some type of nested hierarchy (either folders or nested labels/tabs) is possible, I will have to look elsewhere for my bookmark manager.

  50. i agree with alot of the comments here,

    i would love the option to share/collaborate bookmarks. the other thing i would like a a links bar type option. currently i use IE favourites aswell but would like the options to includea google favorites bar instead(based on the label you are working on.

    just my thoughts

  51. Listen up Google. I imported all my bookmarks with subfolders only to find the subfolders gone. I use bookmarks for businesa and I need a hierarchy. I am going back to IE for the time being. I'd love to be integrated but....

  52. No ability to drag and drop groups of bookmarks around = forget using it. For those of us with hundreds of bookmarks, Google Bookmarks is not an option - i can't believe they didn't get that built in at the beginning. In marketing 101 they teach you "don't try to make what you think is the best - just ask what people want and then go make it".

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I have some less than 400 bookmarks, which are arranged in folders and subfolders. The upper folder layer is only 10 folders, and I do not need to go to a depth more than 2 or 3 subfolders usually.
    I cannot imagine having all these in one page and having to search through labels e.t.c. I guess I'll be using some other solutions until google allows folders in the bookmark facility..

  55. bump yada yada bump ditto ditto, uhhuh, uh-huh.

    Yea, like dat.

    I agree with all the above.

    I loves Google.

    Give us nested folders, uh huh.

  56. FOLDER-LABEL Resolution!!

    Using the Firefox plugin
    Google Bookmarks Button by Pau Tomàs, you can add a button to your browser that looks almost identical to the bookmark button on the Google Toolbar. At the bottom of your bookmarks list there's an entry called 'options' where you can enable label hierarchy, using a character such as '/' to separate your label hierarchies, in much the same way as you would separate web folder hierarchies with a forward-slash. Then, using this addon to view your bookmarks, you then see your bookmarks in a folder-like or explorer-like expanding structure (AND A MUCH SHORTER LIST!). In IE (the google toolbar) and on the Google bookmarks webpage you'll see it listed as any other label, but it will still be in context, for example, I have a label called SEO and then another called SEO/keywords and one called SEO/linkbuilding. I agree Google needs to add in this functionality, but for me (who considers this FF addon a must anyway because at work they won't let me install the google toolbar), it's a brilliant resolution!

  57. Request: that Google Desktop Search also searches with labels from Google Bookmark. Then I could categorise my own files in this powerful way! (instead of having to choose one specific hierarchy of directories).

    I agree with Maya on hierarchical labels, so that more specific labels denote a subset of broader labels. Tagging with a more specific label automatically adds the superset label. These are contrary to the concept of labels in way, because they are a strict hierarchy, ie. not overlapping (unlike normal labels). I guess another approach would be to label the labels - because the issue here is really how to organize labels. Why not use the same system again? (one drawback is that it is confusing to use the same concept at different levels).

    BTW: Google Notebook automatically includes Google Bookmarks (as "Unfiled bookmarks"), and searches them.

  58. Thanks Wendy, but ... looks dicey.

    I'm using G.Bookmarks with the GMarks extension these days. GMarks allows me to simultaneously save a site in my FF bookmarks and my Google bookmarks, in addition to managing them. However, it doesn't have nested folders, nor does it have sharing capacity. So it doesn't work for me, really.

    I think I'll migrate my FF bookmarks to Netvouz, since it is so painless, and then migrate back to G.Bookmarks whenever they make it more robust, so I can have all the advantages of integration.

    Would love to be able to know if and when the big Goog is planning to add features, but I understand they gotta do it in their own time in order to do it right.

  59. I would prefer to just have the browsers bookmark.html stored on the web. Then just put a url in the browser settings. Then the browser would work like normal.

  60. Google should store, on their servers, the whole content of the bookmarked page, at the date & time the bookmark was created. Then, when searching through the (contents of the) bookmarks, even when the content has changed (or has been removed), you can safely retrieve the content you were thinking about.

    For some newspapers, for instance (e.g., Le Monde), or some news feeds, the content changes everyday, invalidating the bookmarked content. So, it would overcome that drawback of the bookmarks... and begin to archive the Web :)

  61. Bookmarks express the intention of the user. It is much like the expression of a search request. Hence, the mere click on a bookmark can be interpreted as a search request. Hence, AdWords are pertaining. Hence, Google could earn even more money (because we explicitly know the user intention).

  62. Bookmarks are actually links to Web documents. Hence, those links could be used by the PageRank algorithm to improve ALL the search results...

    And the AdWords would be even more pertaining :)

  63. Google Bookmarks is easy to use on different computers, OSses and browsers.

    To structure the bookmarks use GMarks add-on in FireFox. GMarks has the possibility to label, sublabel and multilabel bookmarks. No need anymore to keep bookmarks local.

    What is really missing with Google Bookmarks: share Google bookmarks among Google accounts, fe via your contacts.
    Fe per Google Bookmark one should be able to link a contact out of the contacts list.

    As ICT responsible, I want to use Google stuff in our company, such as Google bookmarks, but it is impossible to share company wide bookmarks. So we wait untill Google implements a share feature in Google Bookmarks!

    Thanks in advance Google...

  64. Please Google,
    We love you ..
    help us to make sub-folders in bookmarks.

  65. Yes... can you please include a subfolders function?

  66. You all have probably noticed there is a new war happening around - TAGS VS FOLDERS.
    Many companies trying to force the new idea of TAGS without usage of any hierarchical structure at all: Google with its ORTODOXISM of disallowing to create hierarchy structure of your bookmarks misses couple of points - WE ARE NOT MACHINES - we don't operate with strings when we think - we operate with IMAGES and the folder hierarchy is a kind of image we remember and get used to and then we can operate on and process it – bookmarks with tags and no folders is like having a book with word index and no table of contents nor chapters nor subchapters etc. Just think - why they still have chapters and table of contents.
    Also - hierarchy of folders is kind of search criteria templates - so why disallowing people to create and store their search templates in instance of folder structure???
    Technically the folders facility is so easy to implement in this case. What’s the problem then???
    Please - just speak to that tag ideologist(s) in Google Company and explain that however tags works great with searching across they are not necessarily the only and best solution for organising e.g. bookmarks. Say to him /her / them. They would work great with accompanience of folders and people would love you even more.

  67. How do I send all the bookmarks I already have from one computer to another, is that even possible?

  68. @(the comment above):
    If the bookmarks are stored locally in your browser, export them, save the html file somewhere and import it in the other computer.

    Google Bookmarks is an online service, so all your bookmarks are stored online and they're accessible from any computer.

  69. google bookmarks just lost all but my most recently added bookmarks :( I'm hoping it's a temporary glitch.

  70. Rab, I had the same problem, re-booted my computer and they were back (I then IMMEDIATLY exported them with the date...)

  71. Gawd, I know, not having subcategories sucks! Its 2008 people!

    I'm learning Japanese, so I need to bookmark Japanese language sites, music sites, movie sites, etc and they all have JAPANESE characters in the title, so searching is now not an option!

    Without subcategories I have to rename the page when I bookmark it, and if I forget it gets lost in the shuffle.

  72. Google Bookmarks
    I have two google accounts and want to get the bookmarks from one account into the other account to consolidate them. Anyone know how I can do this quickly?

  73. is it possible to search substring label, eg label:*substr* ?

    Hey Google devs please add folders.

  74. Please, for the love of God, add a public feed...that's all I ask for.

  75. Please, let the bookmarks be public!!

  76. @Brian:
    Well, you can export your bookmarks from the online interface. Import those bookmarks in a browser (you could use a different browser, Firefox or IE) and then import those bookmarks to Google Bookmarks using Google Toolbar.

    No, it's not possible to search for labels.

  77. Hi;
    I have google bookmarks on firefox on all my computers but the bookmarks on the MAC G5 OSX do not respond to the mouse... What is wrong..

  78. Why can you not store bookmarks in a folder hierarchy deeper than one level. I imported my bookmarks from my browser. The result was a complete mess. Bad impression. :(

  79. Tags VS Folders

    someone asked why have tabs in the first place - why not stick with folders.

    It doesn't have much to do with searching, it has to do with being able to put one physical entry in more than one place at a time. Do I put the medieval goode cookery site in the Cooking folder or the Medieval Europe folder? with folders you either have to choose, or duplicate it - with tags, you can put it in both!

    PLEASE, we need nested tags!

    I tried to use google bookmarks, and don't for the same reasons. I have too many sub categories.

    A helpful firefox extension is foxmarks - it lets you access your bookmarks on more than one computer (or a dual boot system) - replacing one of the cool things google bookmarks does anyhow.

  80. we NEED nested folders - please!

  81. Dear Google:

    Google Bookmarks is great mainly because gmarks allows you to use the same book marks across any computer you log in with. Please allow bookmarks to be shared between users. People here have been asking it for a long time.


  82. Yeah, nest those links and keep up the good work.

  83. some quick points

    - google is great!

    - google notebook integrated in bookmarks is very nice

    - when i search for bookmarks, i would like to have an option to sort by date

    - someone asked how to do an "AND NOT" operator. Just use -label:labelYouDontWant (note the "-" at the front(. Very consistent with rest of google search.

  84. It is a disaster not to have nested bookmarks

  85. I have been using Google Bookmarks and suddenly many of them don't work. When I click on the specific site I get a page that says the site cannot be found. A lot of work down the drain for me. Can this be fixed as all the bookmarks are still there they just don't connect

  86. I am having the same problem. I am getting an error message of 404 - Not Found. Its been going on for few days now.

  87. @The last two posters: I think Google Bookmarks was down. I was having the same problem but now it looks like things are back to normal, though I still can't export my bookmarks (in case something else happens).

    If the site (Google Bookmarks) goes down again, go to iGoogle and use the bookmark gadget to access your bookmarks. I love it! You simply type/paste the URL and the gadget generates a name for it, and each link is opened in a new tab (no need to middle-click).

  88. I cant add any bookmarks..

    Keeps saying: Unable to connect to google bookmark service..

    Ive turned virus software off, that didnt help..

    Ive googled this, and others have had problems and migrated to YAHOO Bookmarks..

    We need help!

  89. I need to update a few links and couldn't do it in IE google toolbar. I plan to switch to Windows Live Favorites this weekend. There, you just right click and edit whatever you want.

  90. Google Toolbar works exactly how you described. Click on the Bookmarks button, select a label from the menu and right click on the bookmark you want to edit. Then click on "Edit Bookmark" and you can edit the title and the list of labels. To update the URL, bookmark the new address and the delete the outdated bookmark.

  91. Whether tags or folders,find a way to nest or appear to nest, please.

    Google bookmarks is so key to me that I wouldn't use Firefox until there was a google toolbar for it.

    That along with multiple search choices; images,froogle,news etc.

    Thanks, but please find a way to nest.

  92. How do I add a tag to my site so people can add my site to their google bookmarks? I have been searching for this for weeks!! Please help!

  93. @Playhouses:

    Add this code to your site:

    <a href='javascript:(function(){ var a=window,b=document, c=encodeURIComponent, ("" + c(b.location)+"&title="+c(b.title),"bkmk_popup", "left="+((a.screenX||a.screenLeft)+10)+",top="+ ((a.screenY||a.screenTop)+10)+", height=420px,width=550px,resizable=1, alwaysRaised=1"); a.setTimeout(function(){d.focus()}, 300)})();'>Bookmark with Google</a>

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. I can't understand why my bookmarks have vanished. Is this how google operates? This is a lousy service.

  96. Is there a way to "copy" google bookmarks between google ID's? I have two google accounts and I want to replicate (and later synchronize) my google bookmarks between the ID's.

    There is synchronize function under Firefox but that does not seem to address this need. And I jump between browsers so only having this for one browser would limit me.

    Advice, ideas, suggestion?

  97. The bookmarks page shows all labels starting with upper case characters first, before listing the ones starting with lower case characters. This is confusing, as I expected them to be in alphabetical order, as in GMarks. Is there a way to do this?

  98. Can I sort the google labels in the order that I last used them, or added them. this way I know which labels I am working with and which projects or group of labels and am working on.

  99. Somebody shoud make petition that google puts folders in bookmarks!!
    GOOGLE pls make folders in bookmarks!

  100. When I first started using Google Bookmarks, I used the label name to group my sites. Now it dumps them all down at the bottom. They need to fix that or figure out a way to make folders. It is now WORTHLESS and I'm sorry I started to use it. I can't believe Google put together such a piece of junk.

  101. Hey Google. I have a carefully maintained bookmark file that I've been growing since sometime in 1997. With a recent pruning of dead links, I still had over 1500 entries.

    Since this system is rooted in older browsers, it of course uses nested folders, but never more than 3 layers deep. And for my benefit, some of the folder names are nice and descriptive. As you can imagine, however, with 1500 links sorted into folders no more than 3 layers deep, that's a lot of entries and sub-entries.

    With your current method of importing these into a tagged format, it takes EIGHTEEN PAGES of links to get through my first folder, and 63 pages total to catalog the links sorted by tags.

    Basically, the information is presented in a completely unreadable and un-usable fashion.

    For those arguing "just use a search": If I was going to search, I would never search the bookmarks, I would just search the web for the page, since the bookmark system doesn't have all of the context I need. The problem, however is that I don't necessarily remember WHAT page I'm searching for. I remember that I want to re-view something I previously found (maybe more than five YEARS ago!) In all likelihood, I won't remember enough about the topic to search without being able to drill down through my subfolders.

    I'm sticking with my firefox bookmarks file for now. This system just plain sucks for someone with the kind of investment and history that I have.

  102. i've been posting in google and i want to know how can i switch my private bookmarks to public bookmarks?

  103. Agreed with those who say this needs a sharing feature like Google Reader.

    Yes, there are bookmark sharing sites. But that's ALL those sites do. I use google for many other things, and so do my friends. We share RSS items regularly, but it is maddening to have to open an IM window and direct link webpages when simply clicking "share" should do the job. With a "Share" feature, I don't have to ask my friends to sign-up, check, etc, a website they have no interest in. They already all have/use Google, and just like Reader shared items, it would be no hassle if there were simply a link to friends' shared items in the bookmarks.

    As it is, there is little reason to use Google Bookmarks since it lacks any sort of collaboration features.

  104. Hi,

    I have written a VB script that will export your Google bookmarks into your IE Favorites (The opposite of the 'Import IE Favorites...' on the Google toolbar)

    It uses the RSS feed to create all the .url files and directories based on the labels.

    Check out my Blog for the code...


  105. @Fraser:
    What you did is redundant because Google Bookmarks has an export feature. The exported HTML file can be imported in Internet Explorer and in many other browsers.

  106. @Ionut Alex Chitu

    Well if prefer you prefer to visit, save the file, then in IE go File -> Import and Export -> Import Favorites -> then
    run thorough the wizard then yes it is 'redundant '

    Personally I prefer to just a double click on a single file and be done...

  107. @Ionut Alex Chitu

    Also, the steps outlined for importing the bookmarks from Google to IE don't actually work. On downloading the html file and importing I receive a success message, however when I check the Favorites only the file structure has been imported, all the actual .url files are missing. I have tested this on numerous xp sp2 machines running IE7 with Google toolbar.

  108. @Ionut Alex Chitu

    Also, trying to import the bookmark.html file in IE7 dosen't actually work. Only the folders are created, not the actual .url files...

    So the script is far from redundant.

  109. Is it possible to import more than one bookmark at once?
    Not with bookmarks.html.
    I want to mark them in Firefox and put them to Google Bookmarks.

  110. I think that Google Web Bookmarks service is extraordinarily useful, but to recognize them could arise some frustrations. For this reason, I’ve developed an Add-On for IE called Quick History for Google. Its goal is providing a visual help to recognize the bookmarks easier. This Add-On creates and inserts a thumbnail of the target page aside of bookmark.
    It has other features. Please, check it.


  111. Why cant you scroll in Google Bookmarks using the wheel on your mouse?

  112. How do you tag your bookmarks to organize them?

  113. Is there anymore development coming out of Google Bookmarks. I used to use I mostly liked it, but I did everything else in Google so it became easier to use Google Bookmarks. But I need tag clouds. I use a lot of tags, and the list of labels in Google Bookmarks just keeps getting longer and longer for me. It's a pain to scroll through them. I'm fine with everything else in Google Bookmarks, but they desperately need tag clouds.

  114. Anyone know how to get telnet url's to show up in Google Bookmarks (on Google toolbar for ie). I can add them and see them in mange bookmarks, but they dont show up in teh toolbar. Example url - telnet://

  115. @doug

    Havent tested it but you could try specifiying the port rather that the protocol.


  116. Just another person chiming in to say I can not use the bookmark feature because it does not allow sub labels / sub folders. I have no choice but to you use the Yahoo toolbar because it does provide a folder structure.

  117. since stopped letting me search my bookmarks a while back, anyone know how i can bring it into (using Firefox 3.0)


  118. I recently starting to get this message "Unable to connect to google bookmark service ..."
    whenever I tried to add or remove a bookmark. It turned out that cookie was corrupted. So I fixed this by deleting all cookies in Internet Explorer and reinstall the cookie when I revisited Google bookmark. Works fine now

  119. Without an in-built (i.e. not relying on GMarks) folder hierarchy, I think Google Bookmarks is useless except for a last minute backup for my bookmarks. Right now, even GMarks doesn't help because (as of this morning - 23rd June) I just found that Google Bookmarks isn't even using the full folder structure as labels any more! All of my bookmarks are only getting labeled according to the immediate folder they are stored in.

    I really do enjoy so much of the functionality that Google has brought to my life on the web, everything from GMail, Google Reader, Picasa, Blogger, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Pages... but Google Bookmarks is way OFF THE MARK. I am even less impressed with this now that they have stopped supporting Google Sync for Firefox 3.



  120. based on what " Fraser said...
    @Ionut Alex Chitu" on May 18, 2008 1:20 PM,

    I face this same probelm of only folders being created when imported in IE. I am using IE6, Win XP SP2. Any solutions?

  121. Yeah I've had to stop using google bookmarks as well due to the lack of nested labels, it would also be great if gmail had them.

  122. I really, REALLY need support for nested folders. Can google at least address the topic - are they considering or looking into subfolder support? Is the nesting capability on a todo list?

  123. Use GMarks (Add-on for Firefox) and you have support for nested folders.

  124. My bookmarks are too long now, too many labels, I want sub folder capability. Im looking at this post to find out when Google plans on introducing it, until then I use this forum to find an alternative bookmark system. Google, you have a potential winnerhere, but until nested folders becomes available you will just remain a loser.

  125. thinking of going to yahoo bookmarks to have the subfolders support..

  126. Re lack of subfolders with Google bookmarks

    It's pretty clear that no one at Google reads these posts, or even cares.

  127. Use GMarks (Add-on for Firefox) and you have support for nested folders.

  128. "For Firefox and Internet Explorer, you can download Google Toolbar, and use the "Import bookmarks" option that appears on the drop-down menu next to the Bookmarks icon."

    I see no "Import bookmarks" option on the drop down menu next to the Bookmarks icon.

  129. @Craig:
    Are you sure you are using the latest version of Google Toolbar? From what I know, this option has been available in the all Google Toolbar released in the past two years.

    Just click on the Bookmarks drop-down to view your bookmarks and you should see at the bottom "Import IE Favorites" or "Import Firefox bookmarks".

  130. How about firefox should try to have a complete addons with the complete top rank bookmarking sites, in just 1 download.

  131. It has been two years now since I use a google account for gmail.

    I am now testing a yahoo account (

    I really would like to stay on my google account, and I will wait untill Google adds the subfolder capability for bookmarks but not for eternity.

    There are a few avantages on a yahoo account :

    - You have no limit on your space (mail and docs)

    - You have a briefcase (no limit) so you can have any documents in it (google is limiting this to docs that googleDocs can open). So with yahoo, you can put anything like zip, pdf, etc..

    - You have SUB FOLDERS in google bookmarks

    - The webmail interface is better (right clicks, subfolders, etc..)

    - Yahoo messenger is Msn messenger compatible

    Conclusion :

    I am staying on my google account for the moment, but what made me happy at the begining on my google accounts, is getting old in front of yahoo.

    I like the simplicity of google account, but I would like to have such functionnalities as a yahoo account

    Please google, read this page and be aware that we are happy for the moment with google account (and it's free, so we should not complain...) but that we are getting impatient on subfolders for bookmarks.

    If I have the subfolders capability in google bookmarks (and NOT google notes please), everything else will be secondary

    Thanks a lot

  132. Hi again,


  133. @François:

    Yahoo Briefcase is limited to 30 MB and can't be compared in any way with Google Docs, which is an online document editor. Google Docs has much more reasonable limits and it also supports PDF storage. If you want an alternative to Yahoo Briefcase, try (1 GB free) or (50 GB free).

  134. Hi Chitu,

    Thanks for your remark, you're right.

    I prefer Google Docs than Yahoo Briefcase. But It would be great if we could upload any type of file into Google Docs, or to have a little briefcase somewhere.

    I like Google Docs very much, because I can modify my word and excel documents on line.

  135. Hi,

    i m the new one in using Google bookmarks. I m a little bit confuse, like as how to make directory or sub directory, and moving address from one directory to other directory in Google Bookmarks.

    i m very appreciate if you can tell me how to do it.


  136. Does anyone have an idea how to use the Google bookmark service with the Google Chrome browser?

    I don't think there is a toolbar for Chrome yet and the built-in bookmark feature is local only. On the other hand it appear rather strange to me that Google did not go for a handy built-in way of using their online features with Google Chrome...


    -- Dietmar

  137. Hi.. really those are very useful.. and I had some doubt.. on that.. i got my answer.. thanks ..

  138. vdietmar don't forget Chrome is beta, though it's more like a preview alpha release.

    To the original poster, in the answer to "How can I export my bookmarks from Google?" you said the RSS feed link would only be useful if you're a developer. That's not true. You can use it as a Live Feed under Firefox's bookmarks bar to get a menu of your Google Bookmarks without using any extension like GMarks, or the toolbar. :)

    (It becomes hard to manage if you have a ton of bookmarks though.)

  139. Well nevermind, I spoke to soon. You have to login through https and reload the Live Bookmark first.
    Anyone know a feed that works after you've logged into Google normally?

  140. @Zabeus:
    There's no "normal" way to log in to a Google Account. To protect your credentials, Google doesn't send them in plain text, so it uses SSL.

    Google Bookmarks feed should show the most recent bookmarks as long as you are logged in.

  141. It only works if I've logged in recently. Somehow I was still logged in to Google Groups, but had to sign in from the Google homepage to load them. That's what confused me. :)

    Thanks for the cool blog!

  142. I am surprised with Google's deep pocket and brain powers, 1) it took Google so long to add a bookmark feature in their array of services; 2) that a simple subfolder organizational feature in bookmarking is still lacking.

    Really, really surprised.

  143. How can I customize the book mark tool bar.

  144. I really like Google bookmarks, but if I don't label each bookmark as I create it, I end up with a HUGE number of "Unlabeled" bookmarks and I think it's crazy that there doesn't seem to be a way to add labels to lots of bookmarks at the same time. It's easy to add lots of labels to one bookmark, but not to add lots of bookmarks to one label!

  145. As of 10-08 still a prob, letting us down google. I was wondering if anyone has heard of an application or site/service that allows you to put in favorites (with folders) in either ff/3 or ie 7 and have it add to both or use same list prefer dbased, Thanks, I wish some of these developers had a good enough, or for that matter a time sensitive search! OK off soapbox.

  146. Not really a comment, a question ... is there a forum or help of any sort? I lost all my bookmarks that I successfully loaded last week. How might I get them back? Thanks in advance.

  147. Dear Google,

    it is inconceivable to me that with the amount of money and brainpower you have you haven't managed yet to add the simple functionality of creating sub-folders/sub-labels in Google bookmarks. When will you start listening to your customers? Kind regards, A Google Fan

  148. I rather like Google Bookmarks. There's no need for it to become a social bookmarking service IMHO, keeping it private is fine.

  149. I do need subfolders for my bookmarks. I love that i can use google bookmarks from every computer when online but hate the fact that i can't create subfolders in my folders. Is this in the works?

  150. How can i group my bookmarks? i need to make folders/groups kind of things because i have got so many bookmarks and i have to scrawl way down and its really hard to find my desired Bookmark.

  151. Hey I have been wondering about the same thing i mean i need to group my bookmarks but i see no way to do that. Any one who has got any idea?

  152. I personally use Foxmarks,it is a free add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser that syncs and backs up your bookmarks and passwords across multiple computers and your bookmarks move along with you.

  153. Hey guys i would like to share,How you can import firefox bookmarks to google. So here we go:

    Well, you can still import your bookmarks but the solution is a little kludgy. First, make sure you are running at least version 2.0 of FF and have installed Google Toolbar (version 4 or later). Once you’ve done that, login to your iGoogle account (if you think you don’t have one of those, it’s basically just your GMail account with knobs on). You should see the “Bookmarks” button on the Toolbar. Click the little down arrow on that button, nip to the bottom of the context menu that pops up and hit “Import Firefox Bookmarks”, now just follow the Google instructions to import.


  154. But the main headeche is that you need to install it from its website every time on new computer to get your bookmarks

  155. I have just found a useful tool to liberate your bookmarks from Yahoo!'s My Web. this little java script can be used to transfer bookmarks to google with a click.
    this little program can be downloaded from the below link:

  156. It can be said that we all unanimously hate the idea of that having sub-folder/nested option in google bookmarks.........Google.....please add this option ASAP

  157. Google! Please LISTEN!
    "Search, don't sort" does not cut it. For bookmarks, searching assumes that you KNOW what word you are searching for. It also assumes you know how to spell that word. It also assumes that you spelled it correctly when you entered it into your bookmarks.
    The more bookmarks I get, the harder it is to search of find what I want on my google pages because of the above reasons.
    We NEED folders. While I like most all of google's features, I am moving my bookmarks to foxmarks because if this reason.

  158. I use Google bookmarks instead of favorites,,for some reason my list in my bookmnarks has disappeared,,I have done everything I know to do to restore them and had no luck,,can someone tell me what to do?? I am desperate..thanks

  159. Oh my god, please add sub-folders / folders to Google Bookmarks. This is like the twilight zone. I use Google for everything, but have been driven to Yahoo for bookmarks! Really?! :)

  160. Can you share your bookmarks with others? Is there a 'bookmark' directory? Or is this private only?


  161. I believe I have figured out HOW Google Bookmarks sorts. It is by the URL - and it cannot be overridden. I had exported all of my bookmarks with the Google Tool Bar in Fire Fox. Then imported to Fire Fox. Sorted each group in Fire Fox. Exported. Reimported to Google AND NO CHANGE! Upon more research I discovered that the URL is what Google sorts by so presently it is hopeless to attempt to override unless a new gadget is created.

  162. This is a great service, but could it be directly implemented into Chrome, so that you could log into the browser with your Google Account, and automatically store your bookmarks server-side?

  163. is a unprofessional company. They delete your account often without notification.
    google bookmarks is a great integration and there is work being done with g.ho.s.t Virtual PC to allow integration of Google tools with an more robust virtual Online system.
    Chrome is considered light weight and used for browsing from my understanding. Google is still recommended Firefox. Google is sorted based on flags not based on names.

  164. Commenting on the following issues
    Sub Folders - Tags to sort your bookmarks, Microsoft Live has the same features in their nice little MSN live toolbar.

    Accessing your bookmarks requires installing software. -- Aww no : your My Google page allows you to add mybookmarks to your main page.

    Not a social bookmarking Tool. : --- well duh it is about a place to access your bookmarks not share your bookmarks. Does Microsoft Live allow you to share you bookmarks ??

    Multiple Social websites to store you bookmarks. are avaialable :
    each requires Yet another account for you to login into.

    Why are you all whining about the tools available try signing up for the development team . Be part of the solution not the Whine we hate google group.

  165. Google, we need subfolder to properly manage our bookmark. This would be very good feature to add on (feature? not really...suppose to be basic function)why years back already people posted here but seem like no improvement? is this feedback form just for fun?

  166. the nested folder request goes back 2 years on this page alone, so they are not listening...

    i would give up on waiting for nested folders.

  167. As I have lots of bookmarks, I'm using nested folder concept (using separator /) to manage Google bookmarks long time ago. It works fine for Google toolbar add-on Google Bookmarks Button; however, when Google toolbar is upgraded to version 5, it is no longer supported the add-on (and no better replacement)! Sigh ...

    Also it is disappointed that Chrome is not supporting Google's own power tool - Google Toolbar.

    Hope, just hope, Google bookmarks will support nested folders feature soon and can be used Google toolbar in Chrome (maybe integrated)!

  168. If anybody has had any luck with any bookmarking tools, i'd love to hear about it. i just made a list of what my "perfect" tool would have over at
    i soooo want a solution, and soon!
    if you've got a working solution please let me know.

  169. You can use subfolders with GMark plugin for FireFox!!!!

  170. Please give us folders like you are doing with Google Docs.
    (If it can be done in Docs....)

  171. I wonder, weather bookmarking can be seen as spaming. i do know some webmasters, that pushed theit domains explicid by social bookmarking - yet - set all of them themselves. So why have a tool? A bookmark shoud have an honest purpose.

  172. I want to have good resolution picture for my house in Iran, Bandar Khamir for 2 years ago, is it possible tohave this picture also with dimention? please help me if possible

    Best Regards

  173. What if Google's servers are down? Is there a cached version of the bookmark database on my computer???

  174. I didnt found the API for Bookmarks. Who knows that...?

  175. When I export my Google Bookmarks is there a way to import them back to another Google account? When I add the Google Bookmarks gadget to the new Google homepage it's empty...I'd like to import my hundreds of Bookmarks from my old Google account.

  176. @Larry:
    Read the post before asking questions that have already been answered.

  177. @Alex Chitu: Alex...I did read it, but none of the content dealt with my problem. I know how to export my Google Bookmars to GoogleBookmarks.html, but you can't get that information back into the Google Bookmarks Gadget on the Google/ig homepage (or I can't see how to do it).

    Maybe I'm just missing it...but I sure don't see how to do this other than install the Google Bookmarks gadget (the official Google gadget) on the target /ig homepage and then add them one at a time. I hope I'm wrong.

    NOTE: I do not want to install the Google Toolbar, so I hope that isn't the solution. I'm talking about the Google Bookmarks Gadget for my Google personalized homepage. Thanks.

  178. @Alex Chitu: OK...I think I found your previous answer you were referring to. I guess it's just not possible without installing the Google Toolbar. Thanks.

  179. You can install the toolbar in Internet Explorer or Firefox, import the bookmarks and the uninstall the toolbar.

  180. Alex...I may have misstated the problem as I understand what you're recommending, but it doesn't fix it. And BTW, I've installed Google Toolbar for Mac on FireFox and I'm fine with using it (I actually kinda like it...but it obviously won't work with Safari)...and it still doesn't fix my problem (I don't think).

    I have hundreds of Google Bookmarks on Google account"A" that show up just fine on the Google Toolbar and the Google Bookmarks Gadget on my iGoogle homepage for account "A". But if I sign out of account "A" and sign into Google account "B" the Google Bookmarks on the Google Toolbar and in the Gadget are both they should be.

    I just want to get all those bookmarks from Google account "A" over to the Google Bookmarks in Google account "B".

    Hope this clears it up and my apologies if I wasn't clear enough earlier. I'm sure if there's a'll be able to do it :-) Thanks!

  181. @Larry:

    It's pretty obvious how to import/export bookmarks and this post already explains how to do it. Here's how to copy the bookmarks from the account A to account B:

    1. log in to account A
    2. save this file on your computer (the exported bookmarks)
    3. if you use a Mac, the only solution is to install and use Firefox, at least temporarily
    4. if you don't have any local bookmarks in Firefox, skip to step 6, otherwise go to step 5
    5. if you already have bookmarks in Firefox, create a new profile and use that profile
    6. import the bookmarks from the file you've previously saved (bookmarks.html)
    7. install Google Toolbar
    8. sign in to the account B (the toolbar a sign in button) and import the bookmarks using one of the options from the toolbar's Bookmarks button
    9. (optional) now you can uninstall the toolbar, remove the Firefox profile and even uninstall Firefox. Bookmarks can removed from the account A in the web interface ("delete all").

    I hope it helps.

  182. @Alex,

    Perfect...and works great. Thank you SO MUCH! If I'd have seen this anywhere on this page I would have never posted my first question. Where did you find this?

  183. Get Firefox, get the GMarks add-on, use Labels to create 'folders' (like in GMail) and quit your whining.

  184. You can create folders in Google Bookmark

    for example

    If you read mangas online go to the website you typically read manga's on then right click next to the Google bookmark and click new label once you create a new label type whatever name you want to then when your bookmarking things don't press the start press the bookmark folder and click bookmark this page and make sure you click the label you created.

  185. I can see that since early 2007 people have been asking for subcategories or nested labels - and nothing has been done.

    Why? I really can't see why nothing can be done about this, surely it is not that hard?

  186. Google, we need subfolder to properly manage our bookmark. This would be very good feature to add on why years back already people posted here but seem like no improvement?
    can see that since early 2007 people have been asking for subcategories or nested labels - and nothing has been done.

  187. I've installed the gadget on my iGoogle and love it!! Is it possible to use it on my blog (blogger) too?

  188. That FAQ is really helpful for me. I got answer of my questions here only. Thanks for this really wonderful and helpful post.

  189. I've been using this service. Its easy to use

  190. As my knowledge is concern bookmarks are very helpful and important especially for those of those who use the internet frequently. My bookmarks are stored on Google's servers, so i can just log in and have instant access to my bookmarks from my personalized homepage (if i added the gadget) or at google bookmarks is is fine and save my time that i waste to search anytopic.I like it very much.

  191. Google bookmark is a great tool. I've been using this service. Its easy to use .

  192. I think bookmarks are very helpful especially for those of us who use the internet frequently.

  193. You might want to drop the reference to Google notebook as it is now deceased (shame).

  194. How can I share my google bookmark with friends?

  195. Just to give a voice to the "silent majority":
    I HATE folders and I do not need subfolders!

    One point has not been sufficiently emphasized,
    the importance of SPEED!

    With google bookmarks speed has never been an issue,
    while with other "better" solutions it has been
    the ONE reason why I had stopped usind them.

    Another point:

    since the existence of Searchwiki, i.e. editable
    search results, I find myself more and more
    bookmarking "google searches" instead of individual
    pages, or sites,

    which on a certain level does, what subfolders
    are supposed to do, and it also implicitly solves
    the problem of broken links

    An additional question to booksmark users:

    Have you ever experienced the problem of
    not being able to rename the title of
    a bookmark, once it has been saved?

    It regularly happens to me, anyone else?
    Any explanation?

  196. I need to update google bookmarks, However I do not know to do that. Could anybody let me know please

  197. In Response to "Anonymous said on May 14, 2009 6:29 AM PDT:"

    I was able to rename the label/title of bookmark by using Firefox Google Toolbar plugin. Just go to the label or title and right click it. I hope this helps.


  198. It's too slow and we need offline software for managing the bookmarks

  199. I hate using Google bookmarks. What took me 2 keystrokes before takes me 7 now. I used to check out several sites daily but now it's so cumbersome to get there. I want the old way back!


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