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March 25, 2014

Chromecast Photowall

Photowall for Chromecast is a cool experiment that makes Chromecast more useful. It's a simple way to upload photos from multiple devices and display them in real time on the TV.

"Setting up a Photowall is easy. You'll need to have a Chromecast plugged into your TV, then you can create a Photowall from your laptop, phone or tablet. Once you're set up, you and your friends can start sending photos directly to the big screen. When you're finished, a YouTube video of your Photowall is automatically generated, which is perfect for sharing with everyone who took part," explains Google. Photowall works even if you don't have a Chromecast: it will use your computer screen.

Google also developed apps for Android and iOS. You can also upload photos from your favorite mobile browser by visiting Google even lets you tweak the photo before sending it to the TV: you can crop it, add captions and draw using the "doodle" feature.

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