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May 20, 2016

Google Works Better With Chrome

When you open in Firefox, Safari or any other browser than Chrome, you'll sometimes see an ad for Chrome. Usually, Google's promotional messages suggested you should try Chrome because it's fast, but now Google has a new ad: "Google works better with Chrome". Clicking "Yes, get Chrome now" sends you to the regular Chrome homepage, which promotes Chrome as "one browser for your laptop, phone and tablet" since "Chrome brings your open tabs, bookmarks and recent searches from your computer to your phone or tablet, and vice versa".

Chrome has many features that integrate Google services (translation, spell checking, reverse image search, Safe Browsing, Cloud Print) and many Google features only work in Chrome (voice search, offline Google Drive, Google Play Music uploading).

Maybe Google should link to a page that explains why "Google works better with Chrome", since it's not exactly obvious. A Twitter user says that "if you can't get a 1 field 2 button form & list of results working cross-browser, you're doing it wrong", while another one finds that "'@google works better with Chrome' sounds like a bug report. Can you just fix it please?". F. Nonnenmacher thinks that "Microsoft was sued for less than that".


  1. if a simple search engine does not work fine (anymore) with the rest of the browsers, maybe google company needs to improve it a bit and fix this terrible ISSUE...

    1. You misunderstand. Google works better with Chrome because Chrome is made by Google and hence they are able to optimise the browser for Google's features.

    2. You misunderstand. Google works better with Chrome because Chrome is made by Google and hence they are able to optimise the browser for Google's features.

  2. A subtle difference with Microsoft's IE is that Chrome is leading the innovation while IE was simply stopping it.

  3. "Google" is more than just the search engine, though - it's Docs, Drive, Play, etc., etc... The fact that these apps take advantage of WebKit to do what they do is the real reason here.

    Same reason Outlook Web App and Sharepoint run better on IE - whodathunk?

  4. One evening, my friend asked me:
    " If google went out searching for a job, what job best suits it?"

    I said :" I don't know."

    And he said :" Google works better with chrome."

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