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April 29, 2006

Yahoo Mail Beta vs. Gmail

Google Operating System got Yahoo Mail out of beta for thousands of Yahoo users. Their opinions aren't too favorable to the new webmail application.

"I tried the new Yahoo Mail Beta and is horrible slow, with bloated interface, obtrusive ads, I much prefer Gmail which is elegant, simple, fast, and more importantly it does not get in your way."

"I prefer Yahoo Beta to the folderless Gmail structure. "

"I agree with everyone about slowness. Even more to the point is its freakish desire to emulate a basic software email client. I don't want that for my webmail. That's why Gmail is brilliant, it's webmail and it's not like an average client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)."

"Wow. Yahoo has had Oddpost for 2 years now and after the long wait, we get this? This is very disapointing. The user interface looks like a bad version of Outlook Express. Gmail and Google Calendar eats Yahoo's lunch..AND dinner."

You are free to try Yahoo Mail Beta and tell what you think.

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