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April 18, 2006

Is Google The Next Goowy?

Goowy is an online operating system designed in Flash that features:

* email (2GB storage), instant messenger, calendar
* virtual file storage
* minis (similar to Google Homepage modules)

Goowy IM will be integrated with Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and ICQ and will include themes and alerts.

Goowy file storage (not yet released to public) allows you to upload and share your personal files with friends and family. You can organize your files in folders, use drag and drop, listen to your music online.

Although Goowy is slow, it doesn't have all the feature implemented and will sometimes crash your browser, the project is extremely ambitious. Goowy wants to add new features like: creating personal pages and blogs, audio and video email.

Goowy is like integrating Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Reader, Google Personalized Homepage, GDrive (still a project) and managing your personal information in a coherent way.

You can sign up for free and it's best to try Goowy with Internet Explorer.

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