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May 16, 2006

What's New In Firefox 2

Firefox 2, code named Bon Echo, due to be available in October, will bring many interesting features:

* tabs will have close buttons

* the search box will resize when the windows resizes

* you'll search Google and Yahoo using inline suggestions from the search box

* Bon Echo will allow you to subscribe to feeds using a desktop feed reader (like NewsGator) or a web feed aggregation service (like Bloglines)

* automatic spell-checking for multiline text boxes (useful when you post comments on blogs, it works similar to Microsoft Word's spell-checking)

* session restore (if Firefox crashes, it will ask if you would like to restore your previous session next time you load it)

* when you bookmark a site, you can select a microsummary. Microsummaries are small descriptions for web pages provided by third-party sites, for example instead of seeing "BBC - homepage - Home of the BBC on the Internet", which is the title of, you could view the latest news "BBC - US releases 9/11 Pentagon video".

* Safe Browsing will alert if you visit a site that uses phishing or spyware.

* Why Bon Echo? It's the name of a public park located in Ontario, Canada and it means "good echo" - Firefox 2 tries to improve Firefox 1.

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