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May 30, 2006

Why Plagiarism Makes You Feel Sad

So you have to write something interesting, something that will make a nice impression to your audience (readers of your blog, your class mates, the staff at the meeting). You know it must be really great, but you don't have any inspiration. You don't have too much time to write the text, so there's a lot of pressure. In fact, what great things can you write when all the great things have already been written? All the ideas that cross your mind are rejected as "not interesting" or "already done". You look around and nothing inspires you. Time goes by and you still haven't written anything.

So you go to Google, type the subject of your article and get a text written by someone else. It's so easy, you don't even have to read it, just put your name next to it in a selfish attempt to gain some appreciation.

Maybe people will never discover your theft, or maybe they just wouldn't care. But how do you feel about that? Breathe deeply and say: do you feel content? Did you do anything to use your knowledge to make the world better? Did you discover anything? You're lazy, selfish and dishonest. But are you also untalented? Don't be a void echo, build an identity and earn your signature!

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