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October 14, 2007

Google Maps for Symbian Devices

After launching versions for Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices, Google releases Google Maps for Symbian phones. "Google Maps is now available for Symbian Series 60 3rd edition devices. Compared to the existing J2ME version that you may be using today, this version of the app offers GPS support on Nokia 95 and a significantly faster startup time," informs us Google's mobile guide.

"The coolest feature that I've found in the ten minutes I've been playing with it is the ability to save a search result directly to the Contacts application! It automatically fills in all the address fields correctly," found Ricky Cadden (warning: the link sends you to a page that plays a video on load).

The application can be downloaded by visiting from your mobile device.

{ Screenshot from Google Maps Mobile for Nokia N95.
Licensed as Creative Commons by GISuser. More screenshots. }

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