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February 13, 2008

10 Similarities Between YouTube and Yahoo

YouTube continues to be an independent company and has very little in common with the rest of Google's services. In fact, YouTube has more in common with Yahoo than Google:

1. YouTube's homepage includes content selected by editors, like Yahoo.

2. Both homepages are very cluttered.

3. Signing up for a YouTube account requires to enter a lot of information, including your country, your gender and the date of birth.

4. Both sites include a display ad on the homepage, unlike any other Google site.

5. Yahoo hosts images and other resources at, while YouTube hosts them at

6. YouTube is the only successful community site owned by Google, while Yahoo has a lot of social sites.

7. Both sites show undisclosed ads: YouTube promotes videos from its partners, while Yahoo uses features such as search shortcuts to show ads.

8. YouTube and Yahoo have similar welcome messages: "Hi, Your-Name!" and show the number of messages on the homepage.

9. Yahoo and YouTube use subdomains for the localized versions (e.g.:,

10. They were/are part of unpopular acquisitions.

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