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November 11, 2008

Translate Feeds in Google Reader

Just because you don't speak a certain language doesn't mean you shouldn't read interesting articles written in that language. After increasing the number of supported language pairs and providing an API, Google Translate is rapidly integrated in many Google services. YouTube started to translate search results and closed captions, Google Talk provides translation bots, Google lets you search content in other languages and now you can subscribe to feeds in foreign languages using Google Reader.

After subscribing to a feed in Google Reader, click on "Feed settings" and select "Translate into my language". Google detects the feed's language and it translates the content into Google Reader's interface language (you can be changed it from the settings page).

Some Google-related sites in other languages than English:
Zorgloob (French)
Google Watch Blog (German)
OJObuscador (Spanish)
Google Discovery (Portuguese)
underGoogle (Portuguese)

When Google's machine translations improves, the next step could be translating content into your language without having to select an option. In the meantime, you can expect to find Google Translate integration in Gmail, Google Docs and other Google services.

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