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January 15, 2009

Share Personal Information with Your Gmail Contacts

Google Profiles has a new feature that lets you share information about yourself with your contacts. "This information is not public.You control who sees it. Once you've entered your contact information here, you can share it with your friends and family, so they always have the most up-to-date information."

You can add your email addresses, phone numbers, and home address, and allow all your contacts or specific contact groups, like Friends or Family, to see this information on your profile. For some reason, Google doesn't prefill some of the fields like the email address or your Google Talk ID and you can't share the data with contacts that are not part of a group.

It's not clear if the shared data will be used in Gmail, but Microsoft offers a similar feature called Windows Live People that's integrated with Hotmail. "Windows Live People allows real-time updates to contact's information. Suppose one of the user's contacts just moved and has a new home address. When that contact enters their new information in Windows Live People, the user's contact list across Windows Live services is automatically updated in real time."

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