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April 21, 2009

Google People Search

Google's search results now include a special section for Google Profiles at the bottom of the page. If you search for a name like Jon Wiley, Google will show a list of the top results from Google Profile Search, followed by links to some popular social networks: MySpace, Facebook, Classmates and LinkedIn.

If you checked "Display my full name so I can be found in search", your profile will be included in the search results. "If you want your profile to appear in Google search results, make sure you've selected to display your full name on the Edit profile page. Adding more information will help you improve your profile's rank," explains Google.

Here are some other tips to improve your ranking in Google's people search engine:

* link to the profile from other sites
* verify your name
* include a photo and enough details about yourself

A quick way to access your profile is to search for [me], but you can also go to or click on "My account" and select "Edit profile".

It's worth pointing out that you need to explicitly create a public profile and the profile is not included in the search results without your permission.

{ via Google Blog }

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