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April 21, 2009

Filter YouTube Comments

The comments posted on YouTube are rarely interesting and it's usually a good idea to just ignore them. YouTube tried different ways to filter the noise: adding an option to mark comments as spam, voting comments, previewing comments before posting them, but the results aren't that great.

There's even a Firefox extension that hides "undesirable" comments because they include too many spelling mistakes, excessive punctuation or profanity. "I was so tired of comments by the ignorant, prejudiced, hate mongering, 10-year-old-seeming dip!@#s who obviously have no life and flock to YouTube to spread their disease, that I started avoiding the site all together. Despite my best attempts to ignore the comments I always seemed to glance down, get pulled in to reading them, and be delighted with the wonderful reflection of humanity that it is," says a user of the YouTube Comment Snob extension.

For those that don't want to install the extension, YouTube added some advanced options for comments. You can now hide the comments that include "coarse language and racial slurs" or hide all the comments. Just click on "Options" next to "Text comments" and filter the comments.

According to ArsTechnica, this is just one of the many initiatives "designed to give users and families greater control to moderate their YouTube experience".

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