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April 15, 2009

Google Is Like...

A snapshot of what Twitter users think about Google (in 140 characters or less).

mishxx: Using Google is like ctrl+f'ing the world.

Psqrd: Google is like the internet dial tone. It is always there.

mcpont: Google is like the Disney of the internet!

justjody: Surfing the Internet without Google is like driving without a steering wheel.

Ideaity: Ranking in Google is like playing a game designed by a 3 year old -- the rules keep changing and rarely make sense.

granholm: Quote: "Google is like Coca-Cola. Only two people know how it's made, and they're not telling".

JodaThongnopnua: Google is like Virgil from the divine comedy, [it] leads you to some strange places.

catlionv: "Google is like the Roman Empire that continues to expand its territory into every market and niche."

csuspect: "Google is like a public toilet, they're always there when you need them" - Danny Sullivan

marymetcalf: colleague says: Google is like santa 2.0

hitzarekin: Google is like walking on a giant's shoulders.

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