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August 12, 2011

New Ways to Access Your Bookmarks in Google Chrome

The latest Chrome Dev Channel builds removed the bookmarks bar from the new tab page and updated the new tab page to include a bookmarks section. Right now, Chrome only shows a placeholder: "Bookmarks coming soon", but this should change in the upcoming releases. The updated new tab page now includes multiple screens for apps, most visited pages and bookmarks.

Until the bookmarks section is created, you can find your bookmarks in Chrome's menu.

There's also the bookmarks manager and the Omnibox, which suggests relevant bookmarks when you start typing a URL or some words from the title. You can still enable the bookmarks bar (Ctrl+Shift+B), but it will always be visible until you disable it.

Chrome's updated new tab page is inspired by mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. You can create multiple screens for apps and the most visited sites, remove sites and apps by dragging them to the trash and transform sites into apps using drag and drop. The new tab page uses dynamic icons that are resized to match the window's size.

{ Thanks, Cougar. }

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