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September 11, 2013

Chrome's People Search

Chrome's app launcher is not just for launching apps. It also has a search box that includes many of the features of the Chrome omnibox. It shows suggestions from your list of apps, your browsing history, Google's top search results and popular queries, instant answers for queries like [10 in in cm].

If you use Chrome Canary or a recent Chromium build, you can also enable people search. This way, the app launcher shows Google+ results, just like the search box from To enable this feature, open a new tab, copy and paste this address: chrome://flags/#enable-people-search and click "Enable" below "Enable people search - Enable searching for people directly from the apps list search". Then click the "Relaunch now" button to restart the browser.

Right now, the feature is partially implemented. While Chrome shows the search results from Google+, clicking them doesn't have any effect.

{ Thanks, MickeyJayDee. }

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