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October 12, 2013

The New Google Gadgets

Do you think you will be missing iGoogle gadgets? Many similar gadgets are available in Google Search and you can trigger them with a simple search. Here are some examples:

- weather gadget: search for [weather] or [weather LOCATION_NAME]

- calculator gadget: search for [calculator], [calc] or enter an expression like [4*5-1/4]

- currency converter: search for [currency converter], [1 usd in eur] or other similar queries

- unit conversion: search for [unit conversion], [10 miles in km], [50 f in c] or other similar queries.

- mail gadget: search for [my mail] and you'll see the latest messages from your Gmail inbox (US-only). Other things to try: [my calendar], [my plans for tomorrow], [my packages], [my flights], [my reservations], [my hotels], [my places], [my photos], [my documents], [my spreadsheets].

- sport scores: search for [nfl], [nhl], [nba], [football scores], [premier league], [manchester united], [serena williams], [formula 1].

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