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December 30, 2013

Schemer to Be Discontinued

Schemer was launched two years ago as an invite-only service for sharing goals and discussing them with other people. "A scheme is 'a secret or devious plan' (American Heritage Dictionary) and a schemer is a person who is involved in making these secret plans, so Google uses a mustache logo, a mesmerizing animated homepage, the Hitchcock font and catchy messages like 'You're looking diabolical!' or 'Invite your partners in crime'," I wrote at the time.

Since then, Schemer launched mobile apps for Android and iOS, while no longer requiring invitations, but the service failed to catch on. The Android app has somewhere between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads. It was last updated in October 2012.

According to an internal version of the site, Schemer will be discontinued. "Schemer is being shut down soon. Sign in to get your data before it's gone," mentions the site. "We had launched over a year ago to help people to do more awesome stuff, and it has been quite an adventure for us as well! However, we have come to the difficult decision to shut down Schemer." It's not clear when it will be discontinued.

Here's a promotional video: "The beginning of everything worth doing."

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