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July 30, 2016

Google Album Archive

Picasa Web Albums will be discontinued on August 1st, but you can still access your photos from the new Google Album Archive. "The album archive is where we keep all the photos that have been shared or stored on Google products, like Picasa, Google+, and Blogger," informs Google.

As you probably noticed, Google Photos doesn't show photos uploaded using other Google services, so it can't fully replace Picasa Web Albums or Google+ Photos. Google Album Archive lets you see, download or delete photos from Picasa Web Albums, Google+, Blogger, Hangouts, Google Drive and Google Photos.

Album Archive doesn't have a search feature, but there are separate sections for Google services. For example, you can find all the photos uploaded to Hangouts in one place.

If you're wondering what's happening with Picasa Web Albums links, this article has some answers:

Links that will continue to work
* Links to photos and albums whose URLs use your user ID number (and not your username).
* Links to Public Galleries whose URLs use your user ID number (and not your username).

Links that will stop working
* Slideshows embedded on websites.
* Picasa Web Albums & photos embedded on websites.
* Links to photos, albums, and Public Galleries whose URLs use your username (and not your user ID number).

{ Thanks, Brandon Giesing. }


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I've not been looking forward to the end of Picasa Web Albums since Photos is such a pain to traverse and takes so long to load. Album Archive is so far fantastic from checking it out, and exactly what I needed.

  2. I have a website since 2000.I always used Picasa embedded slideshows. That means I have to destroy all them, because dead links are the worst thing on a website. That means too I will cancel all my Google online stuff and it's a lot and return to other ways to store my datas. Because, online, even Google is not sure.

    1. Absolutely agree...this was a hit below the waist line!

    2. Shame on you, GOOGLE. Picasa was one of your best products

  3. I'm not really clear what the distinction is. I've got photos uploaded using the Google Photos desktop uploader application that are considered part of the Album Archive. Is this because they are in a public/shared album.

    Does Google Photos have any concept of a public album? It appears every album must be shared using their secret URL, and therefore the albums can only be discovered via email or social media posts. Shouldn't there be a "my public photos" link - like there was on Google+ (and PicasaWeb) before.

    1. This is what i've wasted a day today finding out, whereas Picasa web album was a public repository the Google photo albums are single urls that can't be placed in one place. The archive idea i've tried but for some reason best known to google it displays all my project albums in randomly irrespective of dates photos were taken. Thanks Google!

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  5. Picasa photos embedded on websites will not work? That's absurd, we have embedded many photos through embedding option of Picasa Web!!!?????

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  9. The Album Archive doesn't work for me. I only use Blogger so all photo uploads fall into that category and is the only folder in my Album Archive. However, after clicking in, all links fail and I simply CANNOT manage any images including deletion of any. In other words, NONE of the screencaps shown in this blog post show up in my case!

    Also, there's some serious viewing problem as only a selection of uploaded images are shown when I click into the album folder concerned. In other words, say, if I have 101 pics, only around 45 show up.

    Clearly the Album Archive is buggy. What can I do??

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  11. Album archive looks OK when I am signed...but if I want to send a link for this archive to anyone alse, the albums are not in the correct order. WHY???


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