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December 7, 2005

Gates: Google’s business model not based on free software

Bill Gates answered a host of questions at an event “Entrepreneurs to Icons’’ organised by The Indus Entrepreneurs in New Delhi. Here are some excerpts from his responses on business, competition, entrepreneurship and leadership.

On what gets him worried

What keeps me worried is if we miss some very big technical change. Press loves the new challenger. If someone invented AI (Artificial Intelligence) before we did, that would worry me. The key for a large company is to maintain willingness to take risks. We’ve got to be at the forefront of technology. Now it’s Google more than anybody else. We love the fact that there are areas where people are underestimating us.

On the next disruptive technology

The next generation disruptive technologies will be low cost computing, speech recognition software, a computer the size of a tablet which lets you do a variety of things. In future, software will work magic. Phones will be able to recognize your speech and navigate maps. They will be able to organize your schedules. Rather than interrupting, they will put you back in control of your life.

On the US market economy

The US offers a market economy working at its finest. But US policies also affect our business in many countries around the world. People hate US as it’s the most richest country. But they also love US for the same reason, With Microsoft too, it’s the same love/hate relationship. On whether he will ever enter politics No. No chance.